12 Best House Paint Color TRENDS to Give a Fresh New Look

Embarking on interior and exterior painting projects can be a daunting task, but the rewards are worth it as they inspire and motivate homeowners. It’s important to remember that you’re not the only one considering new paintwork. Many individuals are seeking to enhance their living spaces too. Among the challenges faced in these endeavors is the selection of the perfect paint. 

However, worry not! We are here to guide you through the process, offering expert advice and assistance in overcoming these obstacles. Together, let’s transform your space with carefully chosen paints, ensuring a stunning result that breathes new life into your home.

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Top House Paint Colors to Help your Home Look Fresh, New and Vibrant

Paint colors may seem simple. However, it is not for amateurs. Various paint companies offer more than one shade of color. It is not as simple as asking for a blue.

When you ask for a blue in the store, you get more than one option for it.

Here are some paint colors offered in the market:

1. Hague Blue No. 30 by Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue No. 30 by Farrow & Ball presents a darker shade of blue that brings a classic look to a dimly-lit room for any age and gender. Additionally, this dark-shade blue is perfect for walls that get little natural light.

2. Chic Shadow by Dulux

Chic Shadow by Dulux is a perfect paint color for those looking for a blank canvas-like design for their home. It presents a classic shade of gray with no blue undertones. It is a pure grey-colored paint that is perfect for your bedroom or living room. Also, this classic paint color can emphasize your artwork and furniture inside the home.

3. Elephant’s Breath No. 229 by Farrow & Ball

Elephant’s Breath No. 229 by Farrow & Ball is another shade of gray to consider for your home. This color shows a light shade of gray that makes a kitchen look neat. Moreover, this is a perfect bedroom paint color for various furniture and other light-colored decorations.

4. Sulking Room Pink No. 295 by Farrow & Ball

Sulking Room Pink No. 295 by Farrow & Ball is a classy look for pink that accentuates a colorful room. It has a powdery and warm look. It is not the typical bright pink shade in girls’ bedrooms. Also, it presents an adult-like version of pink that brings class and maturity to a color.

5. Denim Drift by Dulux

Denim Drift by Dulux is another shade of blue for your living room or bedroom. It shows a lighter shade than Hague Blue No. 30 by Farrow & Ball. From the name, its color is close to the shade of denim. This paint color is perfect for wood and light-colored furniture and home decoration.

6. Pale Lime by Little Greene

Pale Lime by Little Greene is another color shade you need for your home if you love green. This green shows a light shade that is perfect for any part of your home.

7. Citrine by Little Greene

Citrine by Little Greene is another green shade. It shows a darker shade than Pale Lime by Little Greene. It has a hint of chocolate and yellow tones that makes this green shade remind you of nature. It is the perfect home color for you if you are a nature lover.

8. Carys by Little Greene

Carys by Little Greene is a yellow shade for your bedroom or living room. It goes well with blue, gray, and brown-colored furniture and decorations.

9. Theatre Red by Little Greene

Theatre Red by Little Greene is a red-shade paint offered by the company since the 1970s. It helps you show your strong personality through your interior painting. Moreover, it is also a beautiful color for your exterior painting.

10. Silent White Pale by Little Greene

Silent White Deep by Little Greene is the white paint you need for interior painting tasks. Moreover, it is also helpful for your exterior painting. This color shows a slightly darker white shade that goes well with many furniture and other home decorations.

11. Chocolate Colour by Little Greene

Some people choose dark-colored paint for their homes to prevent noticeable stains and scratches on their walls, cabinets, or doors. Chocolate Colour by Little Greene is a dark brown shade close to black.

12. Dorset Cream No. 68 by Farrow & Ball

Dorset Cream No. 68 by Farrow & Ball may be the cream-colored paint for your cabinets, walls, and rooms. This color adds warmth and relaxation to a room.

What is The Best Paint Color for Your Interior and Exterior?

No best paint color fits all rooms. The best paint color relies on your personality and interests. People with interests in the classics would go for classic shades. For example, they might select cream or white.


Additionally, nature lovers would choose yellow or green-toned paint colors for their homes. Moreover, others would select blue shade paint for a peaceful ambiance in their home. Alternatively, you might choose a pink paint color to get that girly feel in your bedroom. Others would select a darker pink shade for their cabinet or walls for a more adult girly room. Dark-colored paint may be ideal for your exteriors as it is not prone to noticeable stains.


Paint color selection is one of the vital parts of home renovations. Paintwork stays for years. The color you use impacts your mood. Also, it can be a representation of your interest and personality.


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