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Ready to give your space a fantastic makeover with some stunning wallpaper? Well, you’re in the right place! Our Wallpaper installation services are here to help you achieve that awesome and unique look you’ve been daydreaming about for your home or business. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of class, create a snug and cozy feel, or make a bold statement, with our exceptional wallpapering expertise and top-notch tools, we bring the finest touch to your home. So, what’s on your mind?


Wallpapers offer a stylish interior option that can enhance the character, comfort, and coziness of your home. However, their effectiveness depends on proper installation and expert application to the walls.

With over 10 years of experience, our skilled wallpaper installers specialize in decorating and wallpaper installation for both residential and commercial projects. We stay updated with the latest wallpaper trends and techniques to ensure your project meets the highest standards.

We work with a wide range of wallpaper materials, from traditional to innovative.

Ensuring you have access to the finest quality options available. Whether you prefer classic patterns, modern designs, or custom creations, we have the materials to match your style.

We also offer custom design and sizing options, allowing you to personalize your walls to fit your taste and preferences perfectly.

Wallpaper installation demands precision and attention to detail. Our skilled installers meticulously prepare your walls, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish. We handle every aspect, from measuring and cutting to pasting and smoothing, leaving you with beautifully installed wallpaper.

To ensure your wallpaper remains in perfect condition for years to come, we use high-quality adhesives and techniques. Our installations are built to withstand daily wear and tear, making them ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

Have you found the perfect wallpaper but are unsure about the installation process? Rest assured, our highly experienced painters and decorators will ensure a top-tier outcome.


London, United Kingdom


Wallpaper installation services are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. It’s a meticulous process that requires thorough preparation to achieve a smooth and clean finish on your walls. Our expert wallpaper installation team in London can handle everything from measuring to cutting and installing your wallpaper.

Enhance the ambiance of your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or even your business spaces with our services. Create a comfortable, professional, and inviting environment that leaves a lasting impression on clients and customers.

Whether you want to replace existing wallpaper or update your space, we offer wallpaper removal services followed by the professional installation of your new choice. Not sure which wallpaper suits your space best? Our experts can provide design consultations to help you make informed choices.

Transform your walls into works of art with our Wallpaper Installation Services. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Let’s bring your vision to life and create a stunning, personalized atmosphere for your home or business.

What tools do I need to install wallpaper in my home?

There are seven basic tools for wallpaper hanging: wallcovering knife, wallcovering tray, hardwood roller, smoothing brush, wallpaper scoring tool, and wallpaper shaver. While it is feasible on your own, getting professionals to do the work can save time, money, and energy. Contact us to work with our professional installers today.

Can I install a new wallpaper over an existing wallpaper?

We do not recommend installing wallpaper over another wallpaper, as it will cause the paper to peel off or bubble more quickly over time. Contact us to work with our highly-skilled staff. Sit back and they can handle the wallpaper installation, from peeling off the old to installing the new.

Is it necessary to use primer before I install my wallpaper?

Yes, this is highly recommended! Wallpaper installation is like a marathon that requires plenty of preparation, such as priming. You can save yourself time by getting in touch with our team of experts so they can prime your wall and install the paper for you!

How do I repair tears after installing my new wallpaper?

Tears can be repaired by smoothing out the wallpaper and applying glue. If the tear is too damaged, additional wallpaper may be needed to repair it. With professionals handling the wallpaper installation, you can avoid spending extra on these errors. Contact us to hire our highly-skilled wallpaper installers today.

How much does it cost to install wallpaper in my home?

Exterior house painting costs vary based on the size of your home. Our quick-start service allows you to call us for a free consultation so our team can conduct a site visit and give you a quotation within 48 hours. Call us for a free consultation today!

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