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Our Plastering and Rendering professionals will not only treat your remodel or repair project like their own, they’ll go the extra mile.


Our plastering and rendering professionals will not only treat your remodel or repair project like their own, they’ll go the extra mile. Contact us today to work with our highly-skilled team of experts to get that excellent finish on your home today.


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Plastering is the process of applying plaster on the walls of a structure, while rendering is the process of applying sand, cement, and stone. Since humidity and wind can affect the integrity of a structure’s walls, plastering and rendering are ways to prevent damage to any surface. With the use of high-quality materials, plastering and rendering can be keys to making sure that your home is protected from damage brought about by time and the elements.

What is plastering and what is it for?

Plastering is the application of plaster on the interior or exterior walls of your home. Plastering is a good way to avoid leaks and can be used for molding or casting. In addition, plastering is a good way to provide a proper base for paint, so it can have a smooth finish.

What is the rendering?

Rendering is the application of sand, cement, and stone to the surfaces of your home. This is commonly used on the exterior walls of the home but may be used indoors if needed. Rendering may be used to repair any cracks or it could be used as a finishing touch for walls.

What are the differences between plastering and rendering?

While both are very similar, there are differences between plastering and rendering. Plastering gives a smoother finish, while rendering gives a coarser finish. Plastering is more often used for interior surfaces, while rendering is more often used for exterior services. However, these may vary depending on various conditions.

Is it messy to have plastering and rendering services done?

While it can be a messy job, our team treats your home like our own, which means that we make sure to clean up after we get our plastering and rendering services done. We ensure customer satisfaction by making sure that our clients check our work before we leave.

How long do plastering and rendering services take to finish?

Plastering and rendering may take time depending on how much surface we’re going to cover. Contact us for a free consultation so we can conduct a site visit and provide you with a proposed work schedule, created to fit your planned timeline.

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